Voices on the Wind Thoughtful Voices
Walking in Wisconsin With two lines from Raymond Carver by Wilda Morris The stuff I live with everyday goes with me to the woods. I tell my mind to turn off. Change the channel. Delete. What I’ve tramped on in order to stay alive refuses to lie still. It jumps from behind a tree, flutters in front of me like falling leaves. I climb down the steps to the beach. Dolomite, bright in the sun. My unbidden thoughts follow a wave till it crests. White. Then crashes into blue. My mind rides the water. A new wave gathers what I wanted dropped. Drowned. Thrown aside. Two mergansers float toward me. Show me how to trust my life to fresh air. To moving water. For a few moments. * Italicized lines are from Raymond Carver, “This Morning,” in All of Us: The Collected Poems. p. 141.