Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 71--Voices on Aging

  1. Remedy by Dick Bakken
  2. Untitled by Dick Bakken
  3. Burger King Bossman Haiku on His Daughter by Dick Bakken
  4. Golem's Wrinkles by Ken Boe
  5. Laughing in the Alley by Ken Boe
  6. Night Thoughts by David Chorlton
  7. Obituary by Matthew Christianscher
  8. The Respite Tree by Matthew Christianscher
  9. Fading by Matthew Christianscher
  10. The Long Road by Leslie Clark
  11. Old Woman at the Mirror by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  12. Retirement Accounts by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  13. Fingers by Chris Dietz
  14. there are memories on Beat Street tonight by jacob erin-cilberto
  15. before middle age braces by jacob erin-cilberto
  16. and we write of them still by jacob erin-cilberto
  17. String Theory Contemplation by Mimi Ferraro
  18. Epitaph for Foes by James F. Gaines
  19. Housekeeping by James F. Gaines
  20. Passing Acquaintance by James F. Gaines
  21. Hard to deny (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  22. He Gave Me a Jaguar by m.e.jackson
  23. Solar Eclipse 2017 by m.e.jackson
  24. Turning Seventy--Reflection #1 by m.e.jackson
  25. Invisible by Kathryn Jacobs
  26. On Being Propositioned at 60 by Kathrynn Jacobs
  27. '"Sad and Wise" or the Age of Discretion... by Kathryn Jacobs
  28. What Once Was by Chris Kincaid
  29. Do You See Me? by Wanda McLaughlin
  30. Time's Dominion by Carole Mertz
  31. Shadow by Beate Sigriddaughter
  32. Sketch of a Dancer by Beate Sigriddaughter
  33. Mater by Susan Stevens
  34. Maturing Remotely by Susan Stevens
  35. To one whose mystery is delicious... by Susan Stevens
  36. Comfort of My Room by Larry Turner
  37. Turning Eighty by Larry Turner
  38. The smell of work shoes... by Mark Vogel
  39. Nostalgia's Pink Tongue by Mark Vogel
  40. Excuse for being permanently delayed by Mark Vogel