Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 70--Voices of Protest

  1. 50 Years of Sarcasm by Dick Bakken
  2. Gallows by Dick Bakken
  3. Ethiopia by Dick Bakken
  4. Why Ghosts Appear in Period Clothing by Ken Boe
  5. Postcard from the Free Speech Zone by David Chorlton
  6. Instead of a Poem on Inauguration Day by David Chorlton
  7. 900 by Matthew Christianscher
  8. Darts by Matthew Christianscher
  9. The Elephants are Loose by Leslie Clark
  10. His First Full Day by Kathy Lohrum Cotton
  11. Story of America 1917-2017-2117 by Chris Dietz
  12. Noah's Instinct by jacob erin-cilberto
  13. splitting flags by jacob erin-cilberto
  14. Washed Up (from Pound Laundry) by Michael Gregory
  15. A Giggle of Guilt by Doris Gwaltney
  16. Night of Terror--Days of Liberty by m.e.jackson
  17. Don't Make Me Rules by Carole Mertz
  18. Letter to President Trump by Wilda Morris
  19. To Undisney the Girl-Child by Wilda Morris
  20. The Third Horseman... by Wilda Morris
  21. Dakota by Michelle O'Hearn
  22. Hating Ignorance by Lars Samson
  23. Servile Air by Lars Samson
  24. Roses for My Country by Beate Sigriddaughter
  25. Women Mourning by Beate Sigriddaughter
  26. Century for Freedom... by Larry Turner
  27. Neighborhood Picnic... by Larry Turner
  28. A sluggish truth by Mark Vogel
  29. A body's memory by Mark Vogel
  30. The wave of tests gauging desire by Mark Vogel