Table of Contents for Voices on the Wind Volume 57--Voices on Power

  1. Line of Sight by Dick Bakken
  2. My Girl by Dick Bakken
  3. Letter from Debra by Dick Bakken
  4. Resume by Ken Boe
  5. Breaking Up From Below by Ken Boe
  6. The Council by David Chorlton
  7. A Piece of Western History by Leslie Clark
  8. The Map of Emotions by Kathy Cotton
  9. His Power by Kathy Cotton
  10. Man in a Beige Suit by Chris Dietz
  11. TANFL by Chris Dietz
  12. Ghazal by Chris Dietz
  13. Prayer in Church by m.e.jackson
  14. A Toast by Terry Cox-Joseph
  15. Five Miles Down by Terry Cox-Joseph
  16. Voile by Nadine Lockhart
  17. Playing Kings in the Corner by Wilda Morris
  18. Sacrifice by Wilda Morris
  19. The Beast in the Mirror by Steven Pody
  20. Die Head by Lars Samson
  21. River Daydreams by Lars Samson
  22. Loners by Susan Stevens
  23. Every Inch a King by Larry Turner
  24. Master and Slave by Larry Turner