Voices on the Wind Voices in the Garden
About Desire by Susan Stevens Preferences are harmless; we can have as many as we want. . .[but] We have to see that everything we demand (and even get) eventually disappoints us. Charlotte Joko Beck, Nothing Special If we have distance our desire won't let us demand, much less get. The delight lies in missing something. Or someone. Yeats said (was he thinking of love?), “Be secret and exult, because of all things known, that is the most difficult.” In the garden we may spy something we missed before—a thing we must have. But the core of it's this: Demand satisfaction in practice, exercise, action, and you attach to dismay. Satisfaction is that glorious unspeakable thing that freely comes to me arising from distance and missing (in Kosho Uchiyama's words, “when I open the hand of thought”).