Voices on the Wind Voices in the Garden
Blisters by Michelle O'Hearn Buzzing bumbles swarmed the Red Bud While birds stretched their vocal scales Freshening winter voices to spring. Clippers in hand, I pass the pollenating commotion Sights set on renewing the bushes and vines. Gloves chewed by teething mice My bare-handed task becomes fed by adrenaline Excitement spreading through the budding scents of early blooms. Mind clearing with each snip and drop of a dead branch Rejuvenated as skin warms to the sun and scratched. Time and muscles forgotten and finding myself far from the start A pause to reflect on these moments of bliss The clippers fall to the dirt. A tingling begins and moves to pain as blisters swell with my heart Watching the cardinals assessing the renovations in flighted approval My lips curl up like leaves soaking in dew.